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Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA)

Maintenance errors have created some of the most serious flight safety events. Less accessible within our Industry are the significant costs of aircraft rework, on-time performance, lost revenue and safety reputation. MEDA is a globally recognised effective method for investigating the factors that contribute to maintenance errors. This provides a systematic process for conducting thorough and consistent investigations within the organisation, determining the factors that lead to an event and producing the recommended improvements to reduce likelihood of future incidents. This course is tailored to integrate with each company’s nature of operations and existing Safety Management and Error Management Systems.

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Ramp Resource Management - RRM

We deliver one-day bespoke RRM workshops and 4-day RRM Instructor Programmes. All successful candidates will receive a certificate of attendance.

Ramp Resource Management (RRM) training is team-related training to make effective use of all available resources – people, equipment and information – to optimise personal and flight safety, and the efficiency of the aircraft turnaround.

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Human Factors Team Resource Management (TRM)

In 1979, NASA investigated the cause of accidents within their aviation/aerospace programmes and discovered the causal factors were not always through design or mechanical failure. Human error was cited as a contributing factor, therefore, NASA set out to develop a training programme that identified the non-technical behaviours that led to the 'human' making mistakes. This concept was termed 'Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)'.

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MHF Maintenance Human Factors

The role of Maintenance Human Factors training is to enhance the collective defences that capture and avoid engineering staff and maintenance system errors. As a result safety, efficiency and productivity is enhanced.

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Disaster Management Course

This course has been designed to give a comprehensive overview of the infrastructure and practical application of the Airport Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures used by the Airport in the event of a Major Disaster on or close to an Airport.All Aerodromes throughout the world have one thing in common, they are regulated and licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority of their country. These Authorities are guided by the Annexes of ICAO which are directly reflected in the Airport Safety Management System and Emergency Response Procedures. This course is based on the principle of theory into practice. We must have a plan but it is the experience of putting this plan into practice with all the unforeseen problems and various circumstances which can arise with a disaster unfolding in front of us which makes this discussion based course so valuable.

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CAA Approved Training Provider

We are pleased to announce that AWT is now a UK CAA Aviation Security Registered Training Provider. 
Our unique Registration Number is #138.
Aircrew, GSAT and Ground Operations Managers courses are available.

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