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“Enable your team to understand Aviation from AD to W&B”

EASA and the FAA, are clear about records that must be kept as a condition of the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft. This is not uniformed and can lead to variations of interpretation, even between team members. Our Technical Records courses show your staff how to maintain compliance, providing standardisation, continuity and best practice. Making record upkeep or any audit process less time consuming and less stressful for all concerned.

Course Benefits:

-          Staff trained to be more efficient, cost effective and compliant

-          Airworthiness teams able to handle documents more effectively

-          Record keeping and Auditing made user-friendly

-          Save time with all staff members following a unified CAMO plan

-          Freeing up valuable training time of senior team members

Costs of non-compliance:

-          Regulatory Authorities making serious findings

-          Record-keeping ambiguity - team members with different ideas over compliance

-          Lessors or pre-buy customers making findings that cost your company time and man power

-          Grounded aircraft

Aimed at:

-          Aircraft management companies

-          CAMO departments or organisations 

-          Airline technical records departments

-          MRO organisations

-          Part M or Part 145 organisations

-          Aircraft leasing companies

Course objective:

-          Courses designed to make junior team members useful, not a burden

-          We'll take care of your employee’s basic technical records understanding

-          Focusing on key areas of record keeping and structure that can be developed by you

-          Course structured to have employees educated, not overwhelmed

Our trainers have decades of real-world CAMO and auditing experience working on behalf of UK and American Authorities, major aircraft manufacturers and worldwide leasing companies.

We’ll show you systems that ensure your CAMO structure is simplified, enabling you to maintain your records for future inspections in a compliant and simple format, saving you time and making your organisation more efficient, compliant and safe.

Technical Records Course Options:

Basic CAMO – 3 days

CAMO Composition of Main Folders and reports for record keeping and updating. Auditor Friendly format.

AD/SB/LLP/LDND/STC/HT/MLG/Engines/Dent and Buckle/ Work Packs/OOPs

Essential Documents – 2 days

Course for beginners/new employees. Describing the essential Aviation records Documents required by EASA/FAA.

C of R/Cof A/Noise Cert/Radio License/Accident-Incident Statement/LOPA/Emergency Equip Layout

ADs/SBs/HT Components/ LLPs/STC MODs/LDND/Dent and Buckle/Weight & Balance report.

Detailed AD / SB understanding – 2 days

AD and SB understanding and putting into practice. Where these documents come from. How to monitor for new ADs and SBs released by EASA/FAA and manufacturers. How to Analyse Documents applicability to your own fleet. Who needs to do what (Maintenance planning department/CAMO department) Upkeep of these folders.

Work pack Auditing – 2 days

When a work pack arrives after a maintenance input, how to audit for compliance, accuracy and generally make sure each work card is compliant and the DFPs are completed correctly. Including monitoring and auditing critical tasks/ Duel signatures/ NRCs/deferred tasks. How to maintain these within your records system.

Preparing for an Audit – 1 day

Ensuring Airworthiness DATA expected to be seen is ready and in an easily auditable format.

Changing aircraft onto a new Registration and/or Authority – 1 day

Forms to be completed and information to be provided. How to approach the authority, using their web forms.

ARC renewal – 1 day

Basics of information needed to be provided to Authority. How to find what information is needed and who can complete the forms required.

Documentation Scanning course – 1 day

A one day course showing how to scan the records for each of your aircraft, then edit the scans into appropriate sections. We provide a ready-made records matrix to suit any aircraft. Your own staff will be able to scan your aircraft records, then populate the matrix resulting in an easily controlled set of records, which can be put on your internal web system and copied onto easily transportable media. 

Documentation Scanning service

A professional scanning service that scans the complete records for each of your aircraft and editing the scans onto an easily navigated matrix which can be updated simply and quickly. This is an on-site service. Quotations will vary for each aircraft, depending on the amount of historic records.

Our Technical Records courses can be combined at the request of the operator/organisation.

Our courses are bespoke to the requirements of the client.

Flexible course locations – in-house and worldwide!   

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