Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA)

Maintenance errors have created some of the most serious flight safety events. Less accessible within our Industry are the significant costs of aircraft rework, on-time performance, lost revenue and safety reputation. MEDA is a globally recognised effective method for investigating the factors that contribute to maintenance errors. This provides a systematic process for conducting thorough and consistent investigations within the organisation, determining the factors that lead to an event and producing the recommended improvements to reduce likelihood of future incidents. This course is tailored to integrate with each company’s nature of operations and existing Safety Management and Error Management Systems.

Course aims

  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of a Maintenance Error Investigator in an organisations Error Management System.
  • To equip the investigator with a thorough understanding of the process to enable the successful implementation of MEDA.
  • To enable error investigators to clearly identify the contributing factors in events, in order to make the engineering system resistant to similar errors.
  • To develop the capability to perform effective maintenance error investigations and to contribute to an organisational culture in which error reduction can succeed.
  • To develop investigators skills in effective interview techniques and achieve confidence in managing challenging situations.
  • To comply with the requirements within Part 145, CAP 562 or relevant Regulatory Articles.

Course syllabus

  • Identifying the role and responsibilities of a Maintenance Error Investigator
  • A review of Human Factors concepts
  • Regulatory and research information
  • Principles of root cause analysis
  • Utilising the Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) investigation tool effectively
  • Interview preparation and data gathering
  • Questioning and interview techniques
  • Opening/conducting/closing interviews
  • Dealing with challenging interview situations
  • Report writing skills and reviews of actual maintenance examples
  • Interview practical exercises and debriefs
  • Event prevention strategies, recommendations and feedback
  • Report presentation skills and practical exercises
  • Managing Investigator standards within the Company
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of an Occurrence Review Group
  • Company policies, procedures and a positive safety culture
  • Maintenance system trend analysis
  • MEDA investigation contribution to the organisations Human Factors programme

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for potential Maintenance Error Investigators and current Investigators wishing to refresh their skills and procedures.

Full course certification on completion including comprehensive course handouts, resources and regulatory documents.

These courses can be delivered in the UK or overseas on request. Please visit our 'open' course schedule for upcoming 'open' courses, or alternatively, please contact us directly for a 'bespoke' course for up to 16 delegates at a location of your choice.

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