Safety Investigators Course

This course is designed to give the student an overview of all the different types of accidents that can occur in the Airside Area of an Airport. The course shows the techniques we use to investigate all accidents which range from those of a minor nature up to fatal accidents and Annex 13 Reportable Aircraft Accidents and Serious Incidents. The different levels of accidents are identified together with practical workshops to show how we can make a meaningful investigation which will prevent re-occurrence from an Airport Operators point of view.

This course is a based on the principle of theory into practice. A good mixture of both to give the student a good understanding of the requirements and principals of Accident/Incident Investigation. There is an industry need for us to stop just recording accidents and producing charts. We need to understand WHY the accident happened and then to take appropriate action to stop re-occurrence. The Authorities want to see this approach and are looking for a meaningful investigation. In the world of Human Factors and Accident / Incident Investigation is linked. It is for us to establish that link and no matter how painful or where the fault lies to expose it and make the required changes. This course teaches both theory and practice of how to interview and investigate accidents. The discipline can then be applied to any type of interview or investigation the student may be asked to carry out.

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Training Course Modules – Accident Investigation Course for Airport Operators Course

  • Course Content: Key Learning Points:
  • Annex 13 explained Accident Causation
  • Categories of Accidents and Investigation Levels Accident Investigation Techniques
  • The requirement to report Accidents The Skill of Interviewing Witnesses and People Concerned in Accidents The Rule of 12 Accident Prevention Strategy
  • The Investigation Process – ‘To blame or not to blame’ The Use of Interpreters
  • How we Investigate Accidents Understanding Human Factors
  • Human Behaviour and Communication Skills
  • Critical Mind Areas of Investigation Who Should Attend:
  • Interviewing People Concerned in Accidents Senior and Middle Management
  • The Use of Interpreters Safety Officers and Managers
  • The Impact of Investigations Safety Professionals
  • Case Studies and Course Workshops Accident Investigators at all Levels

Key Benefits: You will enhance your knowledge of Safety Management Systems, Accident Investigation Techniques and Understanding and Interviewing People.

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