Airport Operations Management

Our Airport Operations Management course provides an understanding of the complexities of the airside environment and how operational efficiency and safety in airside operations and management can be achieved. The modules covered are to IATA and EASA standards, policies and training recommendations and delivered by IATA accredited training Instructors.

Operations personnel and ground staff are an integral part of flight safety for the millions of passengers who board an aircraft every minute, every hour, every day....365 days a year. Why not close the loop in the safety chain and invest in this training for your ground ops personnel?

Our courses can be designed on a bespoke basis for your staff. We suggest an introductory course of 5 days. Our interactive courses are designed to involve your staff on best practice, standard policies and protocols. The course looks at areas of Ramp Management, International ramp policies, ground movement, airside operations and infrastructures, airside fire and security procedures to name a few.
Our course also includes the latest developments in Ramp Resource Management human factors, identifying the threat and hazards within ground operations roles, looking at slips, lapses, mistakes and errors that can be made. We cover 'real world' case studies of accidents/incidents - we then provide tools to allow your staff to remain vigilant, safe and more so, feel part of the overall team that allows airline passengers to travel, using the safest form of transportation, looked after by safety 'professionals'.

Training Course Modules – Airport Operations Management

  • Overview of Airside Operations
  • Airside Rules and Regulations/Enforcement
  • International Ramp Requirements
  • Airside Infrastructure
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Performance Standards and Target Setting
  • Passenger and Baggage Handling Facilities
  • Managing Ground Handling Agents and Changing Trends
  • Ramp Operations Committee
  • Ramp and Aircraft Stand Planning
  • Ground Movement Control
  • Group ExercisesSafety Clearances and Ramp Markings
  • Airside Security & Airside Fire Safety
  • Airside Management and Maintenance
  • Stand and Gate Assignments
  • Overview of Airside Management
  • Airside Planning, Development and Concepts
  • Pest, Animal and Bird Control
  • Airside Policies and Ground Handling Agreements
  • Aircraft Emergency Support
  • Ramp Safety Audits Requirements
  • Accident Investigation: Personnel, Vehicles and Equipment
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • Overview of Organisational Structure
  • Key Players in Ramp Operations and Management
  • Airport Emergency Plan Case Study
  • Ramp Resource Management – human factors in ground operations

The course is delivered by experienced Ground Operations Managers who have faced the ‘real-world’ challenges within the airport environment. Our training team have experience of training operators and staff from small regional airports, through to some of the largest International airports in the UK and Europe.

All course materials, handouts, resource documents and manuals are included along with course certification on completion of the course.

Aviation is one continuous team... let's train that way.

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